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Several members of the Cincinnati AI Catalyst (Jon Salisbury Christopher Brock Jamison DeAngelis Zachary Huhn Helen Todd (Human) Katie Trauth Taylor, PhD Summer Crenshaw) participated in the MIT Forge 2024, an event that brought together some of the world's sharpest minds in technology and innovation. Held at the bustling MIT Media Lab, this gathering was a melting pot of ideas and aspirations, where innovators from across the globe shared their insights and discoveries. The Cincinnati team, excited and eager, joined this prestigious assembly, ready to absorb and contribute to the wealth of knowledge available.

During the event, the Cincinnati AI Catalyst members were immersed in a series of lightning talks, where startups presented their groundbreaking AI solutions. They witnessed firsthand the rapid pace at which technology is evolving, as each presentation revealed another facet of potential future applications. The team also participated in diverse panel discussions that covered a broad range of topics from AI security concepts to decentralized model architectures. These sessions provided them with a deeper understanding of the current tech landscape and its future directions. The event wasn't just about listening and observing; it also offered ample opportunities for networking. The members from Cincinnati engaged in rich, insightful discussions with peers and experts, forging new connections and gaining perspectives that would later influence their projects and initiatives back home. The experience was both humbling and exhilarating, reinforcing their commitment to playing an active role in the evolving field of artificial intelligence.

To learn more about their experience, read this newsletter from Jon Salisbury, CEO of Nexigen.

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