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The latest monthly meeting at Digital Futures was nothing short of inspiring. Among the highlights was the official registration of Cincinnati AI Catalyst as a non-profit organization, marking a significant milestone in our journey towards fostering AI innovation and collaboration in the region.

During the meeting, three teams were activated, each with a distinct focus and a dedicated leader at the helm:

  • AI Workforce Development and Inclusion, led by Josette Riep, aims to address the pressing need for skilled professionals in the AI sector while ensuring diversity and inclusivity in the workforce.
  • AI Education in K-20 schools, under the leadership of Michael Beck, is committed to integrating AI education into the curriculum of schools and educational institutions, starting from kindergarten to higher education.
  • AI Risk Evaluation, led by Dr. Kelly Cohen, will focus on assessing and mitigating the potential risks associated with the deployment and advancement of AI technologies.

With these teams now active, the stage is set for collaborative efforts aimed at driving innovation, fostering education, and ensuring responsible AI development. As the teams break out to delve deeper into their respective areas, there's a palpable sense of excitement and determination to make meaningful strides in the AI landscape.

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