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Nexigen, a member of the AI Catalyst, hosted on Feb. 22nd, 2024, 'Accelerating Enterprise AI' Summit, and event that shed light on the transformative impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on business efficiency, security, and processes.

Nexigen, known for its AI Consulting and Managed Cybersecurity Services, aims to guide enterprises through the integration and scaling of secure, intelligent solutions. The event highlighted the rapid advancements in AI, emphasizing the need for robust security measures to prevent misuse and ensure the technology's safe deployment. With a focus on the shift towards more probabilistic interactions with technology, the event underscored the significant need for always-on security, contextual observability, and best-in-class risk mitigation to help build confidence and trust in AI pursuits.

Nexigen 'Accelerating Enterprise AI' Leadership Summit Part 1

  • A Secure Approach to Enterprise AI - Jon Salisbury, Nexigen
  • Exploring AI Success Stories - Eric Carr, Compoze Labs

Nexigen 'Accelerating Enterprise AI' Leadership Summit Part 2

  • Introduction - Zack Huhn, Nexigen
  • Understanding AI Risks and Threats - Dr Kelly Cohen, University of Cincinnati
  • Understanding Practical GenAI Use Cases - Kevin Brimberry, IDC
  • Cincinnati AI Meetup: Kendra Ramirez
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