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UC AI Symposium

Today's #AI Symposium at the University of Cincinnati assembled 400 AI enthusiasts and professionals to delve into the future of artificial intelligence. Professor Kelly Cohen, a beacon in AI research and a central figure behind the Cincinnati AI Catalyst and #ResponsibleAI roundtable I co-founded, shared invaluable insights into AI's transformative potential and ethical considerations.

His remarks illuminated the immense possibilities that AI harbors for sectors like healthcare, disaster response, environmental conservation, and education. He emphasized the crucial role of supervised learning in boosting AI's accuracy and reliability, especially in critical applications such as medical diagnostics. Moreover, Cohen's focus on ethical development, transparency, and accountability in AI practices threw light on the path that leads towards mitigating risks and ensuring AI's beneficial impact on society.

The concluding part of Cohen's presentation brought to light the essential balance we must strike between technological advancement and ethical responsibility. His comments were spot on, and I hope many entrepreneurs out there rally around the challenges he cites. Thanks Josette Riep Bharath Prabhakaran and others for a great event.

Credit: Pete Blackshaw

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