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Catalyst February 2024

The meeting concentrated on evaluating potential grants and identifying members with previous grant writing experience. It aimed to align the grant opportunities with the Cincinnati AI Catalyst (CaiC) Mission's elements, which emphasize a coordinated AI capability, commitment to responsible AI, and fostering innovation, capital attraction, job creation, skill development, and providing reliable AI communication and education.

Key activities discussed included stimulating research and innovation in responsible technology development, educating the STEM workforce on ethical practices, and empowering communities, especially those marginalized or economically disadvantaged, to engage in technology development from the initial stages.

Discussion points covered included identifying barriers to implementing solutions, exploring the potential for "Last Mile" experiments to support research papers, assessing the impact of AI on the community, understanding team members' objectives, and inventorying existing technology and resources. The program's duration, the necessity for letters of support, and the identification of existing designations within the group were also discussed.

The team explored leveraging cross-state collaboration with Kentucky and Indiana and strategies for educating policymakers, including demonstrating acceptable leadership behaviors and committing to specific education efforts through organizations like OKI.

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